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    Asian Ladyboy Interview!

    The intriguing transformation of an Asian Newhalf


    Featuring Ladyboy Aom from ladyboy Island


    Aom is being interviewed by part of the new management team here at, Kyle from Amsterdam.  Informative and very helpful for you guys who are just learning more and more about this very special "3rd sex" that we commonly refer to as Ladyboys, ladyboys, Newhalfs and Transsexuals.

        Kyle; Hi Aom, thank you for talking with us today!

        Aom;  Thank you, I am happy to talk with you and all the cute
    guys at

        Kyle;  Could you please tell us when you first thought you
    were a Ladyboy?

        Aom;  I would say at about age 3 or 4, no joking; I knew I
    was different from the others my age, and I always liked to see beautiful
    Japanese ladies on TV. I would look everywhere for nude pictures of people like Tanaka Reina when I was young, I wanted to be just like them. Another person I admire is Nong Poy. She is such a beautiful Ladyboy and I began researching how to become a Newhalf. I never was able to find their nude photos.

        Kyle;  So you knew that you were a Transsexual when you were
    very young;  when did you start the full transformation into becoming a true
    Asian ladyboy?

        Aom;  By age 18 I was living as a lady already; I knew that
    it was my destiny to become a Thai Ladyboy and now I am 22 and love my
    transition into becoming a Ladyboy which is commonly referred to as a Newhalf here in Asia.

        Kyle;  Well, you certainly look lovely;  do ALL Asian
    Ladyboys look like you do?

        Aom;  Many many do, yes.  And sooooooo many Ladyboys like me
    live in Thailand. There are also many Newhalfs in places like Bangkok, Nana Plaza, Pattaya, Tokyo, Phuket, Philippines, Church Hill, and Brazil.

        Kyle;  You mentioned the Japanese people, we also have a
    special liking of them; have you ever met any Japanese Newhalfs?

        Aom;  Yes, I have many Newhalf friends now, they are so nice
    and friendly.

        Kyle;  Do you consider yourself a crossdresser?

        Aom;  No, ladyboys and Ladyboys live like this full-time, a
    crossdresser does the transition more as a hobby.

        Kyle; Does that also include Transvestites?

        Aom; Yes, it does.

        Kyle;  OK, great, so just to make sure that our reading
    audience knows; an Asian Ladyboy or ladyboy chooses to live this lifestyle
    full-time, while a Transvestite or Crossdresser only does it part-time and
    more in the closet, yes?

         Aom:  Yes, but as a transgendered Ladyboy it is in my nature
    and the nature of all my friends, that we include in any discussion about
    Transgendered people the Transvestites and Crossdressers; they are always
    welcomed as well.

        Kyle;  You seem so convincing and beautiful as a Thai
    female;  are there any people left that you can't convince,  who can 'read'
    you in public?

         Aom;  Usually Thai ladies and especially older ladies, they
    are very observant;  but 99% of westerners are fooled by Asian newhalfs

         Kyle; May I ask what you do for work?

         Aom; Sure, I work in a Cabaret show which features 25 other
    Thai Ladyboys like myself.

         Kyle; Wow!  That must be a sight to see; are they all as
    beautiful as you are?

         Aom;   Hee Hee; yes, most are very pretty same as me.

          Kyle; And, we would like to know your plans for the near
    future please;  what happens to Thai Ladyboys when they go to the next


          Aom; Well, I am only 22 now, my short-term goals for myself
    are to get new breasts; most Asian ladyboys these days have a boob job and I
    want one too! Maybe a bit of work on my nose to make it more western, and
    also want to continue my dancing in Cabaret shows, I love that so much.  I
    look more like a Japanese Newhalf these days because I have no boobs yet!
    The guys that come from Japan for a visit here to ladyboy Island always
    like me best  tee hee.

           Kyle; Well, we do also, Aom!   And we want to thank you for
    being such a good interview today!  By the way, can the readers see you
    inside the AsianTS website with the other Asian and Thai Ladyboys?

           Aom; Yes, indeed! My pictures were added to the website, which me
    and my friends still think is the best one for Asian ladyboys on the
    Internet, please come and see my beautiful photos and videos!

           Kyle; Great! Well, time to end the interview and get
    back to the website;  are there any special words you would like to add to
    all the men out there who enjoy the company of Newhalfs, Ladyboys and

           Aom; Yes; come to Asia!  We have many girls here in
    Thailand who look like me or even more beautiful, believe me.

           Kyle;  Oh, we believe you Aom, and we would like to say a big
    Thank YOU!  For being so nice to us today and answering all of our
    questions  about Ladyboys and Asian ladyboys, and just for being so nice and
    pleasant also.

          Aom;  No problem, and Thank You also!

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